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Customer Case Studies

Case Study: SDS

In 2021 this soybean field in Southwest Iowa yielded much lower than expected. In addition, the west side ofthe field dried down about a week earlier than the east side. Without any clear answers, the grower decided torun Pattern Ag’s Pressure and Performance Panels to see if unexpected pests or diseases were contributing tothe yield loss and early dry down.
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Case Study: Corn Rootworm

This grower had been planting corn-on-corn for seven years. With a history of some corn rootworm pressure, the producer used a full rate of in furrow insecticide and fully traited hybrids. Noticing a significant yield loss this past season, the grower decided to map his field for our Rootworm Pressure Panel to see how much pressure he was facing.
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Case Study: Fusarium

In 2020, this South Dakota farmer noticed a significant decrease in soybean yields in one of his fields. Even with treated soybeans, the yields were nearly 40% less than expected. Unable to pinpoint the cause of this yield loss, he switched to traited corn for the 2021 growing season. 2021 also came as a disappointment with yields again coming in 40% less than expected. Pattern Ag’s 360 Dashboard was utilized in the fall of 2021 to help identify the root cause of these issues
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