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Your leader in predictive agronomy

Predict next season's risks to avoid costly crop protection and fertility mistakes.

Pattern Ag detects the most damaging pests and pathogens in your field. We use this data to predict the biggest threats to your operation. Knowing your risks for next season helps you make optimal seed selection, crop protection, and fertility plans.

We measure the biology in the soil to predict what will happen agronomically on the field.

By analyzing soil biology, we can predict key field agronomic outcomes with 90% confidence before the season starts. This accuracy and advanced timing unlock farm profitability by enabling precise product placement for your key agronomic inputs.

Bringing Predictive Ag to corn, soybean & cotton growers.

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Our Predictive Solutions

Pressure Panel

Our Pressure Panel analyzes your fields for the presence and pressure of Corn Rootworm, Soybean Cyst Nematode, and Sudden Death Syndrome.

Complete Bio

Our Complete Bio includes everything in the Pressure Panel, along with 16 additional corn, soybean and cotton pathogens and soil health measures.

Pattern 360

Our Pattern 360 combines the Complete Bio with a comprehensive chemistry-based nutrient analysis to give you a 360 view of what's happening in your soil.

Getting started with us is easy!


Upload Fields / Draw Boundaries

Upload your fields into our Dashboard using an API or manually drawing your field boundaries.


Create Sample Plan

Create a sample plan for each field. You can customize your sample plan by choosing what analyses you want, the zone density, and more.


Mark Fields "Ready"

Our samplers are on standby and will be dispatched as soon as you mark your field ready. The best times to sample are in the fall, just after harvest, and in the spring just before planting.


Results Delivered

Your samples will be sent to the lab for analysis, and the results will be delivered to your Dashboard. A dedicated Customer Success Lead will be available to help interpret results and customer report delivery.

Predictive analytics
help with.

- Hybrid & variety selection
- Trait recommendations
- Seed treatments
- Insecticide & fungicide
- Crop rotation
...and more

How this helps your operation.

- Achieve top-end yield
- Optimize input spend
- Eliminate hidden risks
- Make fact-based decisions

our dashboard

All your analytics in one place.

Our Dashboard provides comprehensive information on crop protection, fertility, and nutrients and even includes scripting. All this information in one place helps you streamline your customer's crop management program.

Our Customers

Our Pattern results revealed high SDS levels in our field, which has never been a concern in South Dakota. Based on those results, we changed our management plan & went from averaging around 60 bu/ac to 80 bu/ac in fall of 2022.

Paul Sittig, AmberView Farms

Valley Springs, SD

Corn Rootworm has always been a concern in our area, so we've always treated for it. I received my results from Pattern, and found out my risk for rootworm was low. This allowed me to save money, and opened up my options for seed.

Jason Orr
Orr Family Farms

Rowely, IA

There are just some things you don't know about that are in your soil, but now with Pattern Ag, you can have a roadmap, and you can know about what to expect ahead of time.

Ken Peart
Peart Farms

Scales Mound, IL

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Featured Content

Dive deep into the 2024 Predictive Ag Report. Pattern Ag shares 2024 pest and pathogen predictions, opportunities for increased yields, and our Soil Productivity Index (SPI) which quantifies your soil's potential.

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Get and inside look at pest and pathogen risk predictions for the 2023 season. Want to know your region's risk for Corn Rootworm or Soybean Brown Stem Rot? We have the answer.
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Don't take our word for it, see how our customers have used Pattern Ag to mitigate risks, increase yield, and make management changes to their operations.
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